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Rectangular Planter Box – Planters are much more attractive than plastic pots that most plants come from the nursery, however, it can be quite expensive to buy. If you have some carpentry skills, make your own wooden planter box should not be a very difficult task. Even for the challenge of carpentry, a simple square box planter is feasible.

Posted on December 30, 2017 Hardware

It is better to buy exterior grade wood or wood that kind of weather, such as cedar. Instructions: Miter cut sides of all four planks 24 by 24 inches at 45 degrees so that the angled sides pair to form the corners of the rectangular planter box. If you do not have a miter saw, you can use a miter box with a hand saw instead. A miter box is a simple guide to making cuts cutting angles. Run a line of glue along angled sides.

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Form in a box then uses the clip to attach the box while the glue dries. Drying time is 2 hours. Drive finishing nail every 4 inches by side rectangular planter box glued joint while the clamp is still. After all, corners are secured with nails, remove the clamp band. Lay table’s plan 2 October 24 inches above the work surface about 2 inches apart and parallel to one another.

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