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Cast iron sink – Old porcelain sink – a big, fast, independent of them – in fact cast iron body topped with a glaze porcelain. players may be forever, but porcelain will wear, dull or discolored over time. Re-glass cast iron sink is a matter of adding paint to make it look like a real porcelain. Existing surface must be acid etched with a new color to attach properly. The procedure is the same as re-glazing a cast iron tub, which is the same material.

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How to re-glaze a cast iron sink, remove the faucet handles and any other part of the sink, you can remove. Then tape of all other non-porcelain fixtures with duct tape. Tape plastic tarps around the floor and walls near the sink. Put on your respirator, face shield and rubber gloves. Cover the porcelain surface with porcelain etching compound. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes until the declares surface. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry for a whole day. Fill your airless paint sprayer with porcelain primer. Spray a light, even coat of primer over deceased porcelain, keeps it very thin and to ensure that no droplets form.

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As a result let primer for two hours. Apply a second layer in the same way as the first. Let it stand for 24 hours. And then clean the syringe and fill it with porcelain enamel. Spray on the porcelain in a light, thin layer. Allow the paint to dry for two to four hours. Apply a second coat. Let the second coating to dry for two to four hours. Let the final coat set up for two whole days, then reinstall the cast iron sink fixtures.

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