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Patio table sets – A patio table sets is not complete without a patio table. If you want to build your own patio table and have a basic knowledge of woodworking, you can make an attractive table for your patio in an afternoon. If you ask lumber yard to cut the wood for you, it will take even less time, and you may soon relax outdoors around your new table with friends and family.

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Cut the 2-by-4 timber in the four table legs of 28 inches, two side aprons of 37 inches, two end aprons of 33 inches and a central plank of support 24 1/2 inches. Do two sectional housing 4 inches in from each end of the end aprons, 1 1/2 inches wide and 2/1 inch deep. Carve out wood waste from between cuts housing, so there are two clean enclosures in each end apron.

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Add the table legs on the canvas, resting on the 2-inch side. Slot an end apron over two legs. The legs fit into the housings on the ramp, with the apron flush with the end of the legs. Screw the apron in the legs with two deck screws through each house. Repeat with the second legs and the remaining end apron. Stand upright legs, aprons outside. Place the side aprons between the legs, flush with the top of the legs and end aprons. End aprons will stick out past the side aprons about 2 inches. Use four deck screws to fasten them in place. Screw through each end of the side apron patio table sets and leg.

Place the plank across the center of the table frame. Shaving a bit off the ends of the support with the plane, if they do not quite fit. Secure support plank in place by two screws through the side deck aprons in the abutting ends of support plank.

Cut six lengths of decking to 48 inches and place decking over the top of the patio table sets. There should be about 1/4 inch between each plank. All the ends should be flush. It will be about 6 inches overhang ends on the table and 2 inches overhang at the sides. Attach the decking in place with two 1 7/8 inch deck screws through the decking on each end apron and support plank, making the 6 screws per plank deck. Paint or patio table as desired, or you can paint the frame table and paint the decking on top of an attractive finish.

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