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Grey leather sofa – When choosing a sofa for the living room or any other area of the home must take into account several factors: color, squares, price, size, height, style, materials that form is very important to analyze well all matters involving the purchase of this piece because it is the most important of all housing and is a great investment. What today we do it is focus on the last point you have discussed: the materials. Specifically, we will tell you about the sofas leatherette, focusing on how we must care. Would you like to join us?

Posted on January 18, 2018 Interiors Furniture

A good alternative to leather sofas

Given that the most current accounts are not to shoot rockets, touches us all tighten our belts a little. Therefore, we cannot always toil away what we would like to when decorating our home. For example, as much as we like real grey leather sofa, these involve considerable expense, so we shuffle other options. Fortunately, today you can find in the market models imitation leather, a synthetic material that mimics the leather in its different variants. Although, logically, this material does not have the same quality and resistance of the skin, yes that is a good alternative, as prices tend to be considerably lower and imitations are quite achieved. In fact, in some cases difficult to distinguish. You can check yourself in the picture that we show at first, in which appears a beautiful sofa in white leatherette.

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Grey Leather Sofa SetsSize: 736 x 736

Care leatherette sofas

Being less resilient than sofas skin, it is important that we dedicate to models grey leather sofa care they need. In this way, we will achieve lasting much longer, avoiding cracks and that fourteen. So, first thing you should consider if you become a couch like this is that you must protect from direct sunlight and heat sources. On the other hand, it is important that we avoid contact with moisture. And although most people are not aware of it, some hair products like hair gel or foam are harmful to this type of material, so you should be careful about supporting the head back.

Cleaning the sofa

Logically, that your grey leather sofa shines properly, as the model that you see in the picture above, you should clean it regularly. To do this, we recommend using a dry cloth or moistened in warm water. If necessary, you can also use a moist but well drained cloth, but you’ll have to mop below.


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