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Stamped concrete patio – Creating a stamped concrete patio is a great way to give your backyard area more dimension and personality. Concrete stamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes as large cookie cutters. Once you have installed your concrete patio, you can press these seals in cement to create forms. Some of the seals can make your concrete courtyard see a series of brick pavers or cobblestones. Any labels you choose, you begin construction yard like any other project concrete slab.

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Stamped concrete patio, measure the dimensions for the yard with a tape measure. In every corner of the proposed court, driving a wooden stake into the ground. Create the border to the yard tying each of the stakes with twine. Work exclusively within this confined area. Remove all dirt and topsoil within the confined area, using a shovel to remove about 6 inches of soil.  Add a frame tables within the excavated area. It puts the timber along the inner wall of the hole. This framework will allow the concrete slab to take shape. To hold the frame in place, add a wooden stake between the wall of the hole and the two by four. Use a drill and screw the wooden stake tables. To do this every 2 feet.

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Stamped concrete patio, pour 2 inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole. Make sure the gravel is level and packed tightly, using a shovel to tamp the gravel. Consider using sabotage energy if you are creating a large courtyard. Place several bricks 2 inches thick on the hard – packed gravel. Add some bricks along the sides of the space and a few in the middle. Place a metal mesh over these bricks. This screen will help reinforce the concrete once poured and dried. Pour cement on the metal grid and gravel. Keep pouring until the screen is completely covered. Drag a two by four on the surface to level the wet concrete. Smooth the surface with a trowel. Allow the concrete to dry a little.

Place the stamped concrete patio seal in the center of the concrete slab. Press the seal into the concrete until it is about 1 inch deep. Lift the label and place it directly to the left or right of the label. Hold the seal in the concrete and moving outward toward the end of the patio. Cover the concrete slab with a sheet of burlap. Keep the blade on top of the concrete for the next five to seven days. During the next week, lightly mist the top of the sheet of burlap with water from a garden hose. This will allow the concrete slab curing and drying properly.


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