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Industrial bar stools – Having an eating area in the kitchen provides an ideal place for casual meals and snacks. A breakfast bar is one of the simplest dining area to create because you only need a countertop and bar stools. But if you want to have a distinct feel to your dining area, it helps to distinguish on the wall behind your breakfast bar from the rest of the space. You can decorate the wall in several different ways depending on how bold or subtle the look you want, but be sure to choose a design that complements the rest of the kitchen for a uniform look.

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While adding color is the easiest way to make your kitchen wall behind the bar stands out, you can also use texture to create a distinct look for the area. Paint the wall with a faux finish is a quick and easy way to add dimension to the wall with something other than paint. You can choose from a variety of faux finish techniques for industrial bar stools, but two of the most common is ragging and sponging, which involves applying paint on the wall with a cloth or sponge to create a textured surface. Use one color for your faux finish, but for the most subtle look, use the same color as the rest of the kitchen walls. Invest in a contrasting shade if you want a bold, dramatic look.

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If you prefer a vintage industrial bar stools look for your breakfast bar, wood paneling is a perfect option for the wall behind. Panels put a warm look that works well with earth tone color palette. For the most robust appearance, leave the panels with a colored finish that allows the natural grain to show through. Nevertheless, for a country look, use bead board paneling and paint it with a crisp white shade to give the kitchen a light, airy feel. You can pair it with gingham or plaid cushions on the chairs to finish the look.

For a bold, modern look, consider adding metal tiles on the wall behind your kitchen bar. The metal surface reflects light, so it’s an ideal option if you want to make your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. You can use the stamped sheet metal plates that have a decorative pattern imprinted on them, or take a more industrial look with ribbed metal panels. Metal tiles industrial bar stools work best when the other walls are white, but you can use light shades like red, blue or yellow accents throughout the kitchen to light up the space even further.



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