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Metal storage sheds – are ideal in most climates for storing weather resistant properties. Accurate weather-treated steel is rust resistant and will last longer than the decay prone wood is lighter and easier to install than a wood shed and can be taken down and reassembled elsewhere easily should the need arise. These types of sheds are so common that you can buy a metal shed kit on virtually any hardware store, in almost all sizes and have it installed in just a few hours.

Posted on December 19, 2017 Outdoor furniture

Put down the metal storage sheds kit provided base, using a level on all four sides and in the center to ensure that the base is level. Set the front, rear and side floor frame pieces on the base and secure them there with the supplied screws. A screwdriver is required for this. Position a corner panel at each corner of the base; attach it with the screws provided to both the base and the floor frame.

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Attach a wall channel to each corner panel. This is done with the supplied screws and washers. Install wall angles (long metal tracks) along the back wall and sides. You will need to install two on each side, one at the top and the other at the center. Each is attached to the corner panels with screws. There will be a pair of small angles which attaches to the pair of front wall channels in the middle. Screw the door track above the front door. Lift the wall panels into place along the sides and back of your building. They will attach to the bottom of the floor frame, center to corner angles, and the top upper corner angles. As with the rest of the construction, they attach to each point with screws. Place the door posts around the door and keep them in place with several screws.

Install a ceiling beam support bracket at each end. They attach with screws. Place the ends together using screws and bolts that fasten the right and left side of each gable. Done right, you have t

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