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French door blinds – French door blinds Installation is a little different from installing them on a window, because you do not install them in a closed room, as you would with a window blind. The hangings down the area with glass, and this is known as an outside mount

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Attach the mounting bracket to the list of french door blinds temporarily and hold the door in place where you want the blinds to start. Make sure the list is level.  Contour brackets, sides and bottom of the door with the pencil. Depending on the specific model blinds, you can make another mark about 1/8 inch to the outside of each bracket, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the parenthesis. over the list, you may have to keep a flat screwdriver tip between the bracket and the rail to snap it off. Check manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you do not damage the brackets. Do not force the brackets out, because you risk breaking them.

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Hold brackets back up against the door in the marks you made. Mark the screw holes.  Pre-drill holes for each spot, and install mounting brackets.  Open all doors or panels on the stand if necessary. Sometimes separate squares, which slides in and out of the bracket, or the swing up. Not all models have these. Insert the list in place by either clicking it or put it in parentheses. Close these panels. This will depend on the specific model. Connect wand (tilting blinds open). Set valance clips to the list. Do not install them on top of wires.  Find guidelines for each end of the valance. Bend them into a 90-degree angle so that when you install Valance, ends pointing toward the door. Not all models will have these guidelines.  Install Valance by attaching it to the clip. Pak blind cords carefully. Do not cut them out of their packaging, because you may cut off the cord itself. Test blind cords and wand.

Lower blind to their full length. Insert the hold-down bracket legs in the hole in the side of the blind’s end caps. Hold brackets against the door and mark the location of the screw holes in the brackets. Secure the two brackets are even with each other. Remove the brackets and move the blinds of the road.  Prevailed holes in the places you’ve checked and set bracket. When you lower the french door blinds, you should be able to bend the bracket a little back to give the pin to get into the blind’s end cap.

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