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Dresser hardware – If it is an old dresser flea market or just lying around the house. Antique dressers are highly repurposable. Give her a makeover and let it shine, or turn it into something completely new. The only limitations on doing on a sideboard are time and creativity. So invest a little time to imagine a new life for your old dresser can be well worth the effort.

Posted on December 15, 2017 Hardware

Bringing new life to an old dresser hardware giving a facelift. Repaint or refinish the old dresser and also replace obsolete or broken, as hinges, knobs and also handles hardware. In fact finishing an old dresser is an easy weekend project week that almost anyone can do. But before you need to cnsider adding ornaments refinished dresser with antiques, stenciling or add a duplicate. If the dresser is out of place in the home, consider finishing for a family member or friend as a gift.

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Wooden Dresser HardwareSize: 1066 x 1600

White Dresser HardwareSize: 1117 x 894

Pink Dresser HardwareSize: 906 x 659

Kitchen Dresser HardwareSize: 1058 x 793

Dresser Hardware KnobsSize: 986 x 653

Dresser Hardware IdeasSize: 1020 x 1020

If you have an old dresser hardware and lots of extra space, consider converting the sideboard in a kitchen island. This project requires some extra parts like a butcher block or laminate countertop, but is a simple weekend do-it-yourselfers ambitious project. This project makes use of all parts of the dresser and is ideal for redecorators’ budget looking to upgrade their kitchens.

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