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Antique brass door knobs – Some antique doorknob has layers of paint hides the elegant brass plating. Over the years, paint drips on the doorknob when a room is painted without masking or covering the door knob. The paint dries on the knob, leaving spotty marks. Scrape the paint may cancel and damage delicate brass. With the right tools remove paint easily from the antique doorknobs.

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Instructions to remove old paint antique brass door knobs: First, brush loose paint of antique brass door hardware with a nylon brush. Then, space brass hardware in a slow cooker. After that, fill the slow cooker with water, covering hardware completely. Pour in 1/4 cup of mild liquid detergent. And trip to the slow cooker to the lowest setting. That the hardware will be slow cooker overnight.

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Disable slow cooker next morning. Let the water cool for 15 minutes. Next, were old rags on the disk? Removing hardware from the slow cooker with pliers. Space hardware to shreds. Wash loosened paint from brass hardware with wet rags. Scrub stubborn bits of paint carefully hardware with a wet nylon brush. Rinse the remaining dots of paint from the hardware. And the last is dry antique brass door knobs hardware with a clean cloth.

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