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Bronze cabinet pulls pieces are use on cabinets that have make to look older and antique. These pieces are sometimes make to look like those use in homes and other more rustic home. This is done by using animal designs and hand carving. These cabinet pulls, hinges and other pieces add a whimsical look to any home with an old-fashion design.

Posted on January 11, 2018 Hardware

Manage bronze cabinet pulls are an alternative to traditional knobs and are available in a variety of rustic themes. These pieces are often make to look like bone or antler of an animal. When this happens, the designer sometimes adds a small image on top of the design as animal prints or a carved drawing of an animal. There are also pieces make to look rustic or antique. These parts are make of a metal-like bronze and then hammer and sand to make the patina fade.

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Oil Bronze Cabinet PullsSize: 1001 x 805

Rustic hinges are another type of bronze cabinet pulls  popular with shoppers. These hinges have purposefully antiqued by the manufacturer, giving them a more rustic and worn appearance. There are some manufacturers that take the hinges and leave them sitting outside in the weeks to give them the look of an old, rusty piece. Other paint the hinges and use a solution on the top that eat through the paint, making it look like it has corrode. These hinges are almost always make of a metal such as cast iron or forged iron.

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