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Sofa table with storage – Today we have prepared a tutorial to make your own sofa table wooden design, a unique, very beautiful and very simple piece. Also, if you get to the end you will give you a bonus track with 3 other pictures of different pallet tables. Although you may seem a bit surreal, make a table with wooden boxes is easier and more fun than it sounds. What do you need? A pair of clamping tools, pallets recycled and desire to create art with your own hands. If until now you’ve never done tables with wooden, you warn that the end result is always even better than expected. There is nothing like creating something out of yourself to be proud of your work.

Posted on January 12, 2018 Interiors Furniture

Although not exactly a table build what you want, you can provide guidance and inspiration to do other things handmade wooden. A wooden sofa table with storage is one of the simplest furniture making, despite being composed of different steps and pieces, the process is relatively simple and the end very easy result to get it is as you planned in your imagination and in your sketches. The first thing is to get the materials, as we mentioned need four wooden, iron square wooden rather robust (measurement vary with the size of the boxes), 4 wheels with free movement, some screws or nails to attach the different parts of your table (I advise screws and securing better and are easier to remove if you’re wrong) and tools, metro, screwdriver, hammer and little else.

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Finally, you will put the base on the ground and will put the four boxes and will hold it between them and with the base to make it in a firm manner, as I said I prefer to use screws for this case, but if do you consider opportune able with nails. Once the assembly of your complete wooden sofa table with storage will give the finish and design that you like, you can apply a color that fits with the decor of the interior of your house, leaving a more natural finish, give it a touch of aged wood or whatever you can think of and you like more, have thousands of possibilities! In general, if your living room is decorated in warm tones, seems to leave the wood in its natural color can be the best idea sofa table with storage. Cover the holes with decorative objects that are on the same line: plants, stones, books, candles and other items.

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