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Solid wood doors – Wood doors are among the oldest man-made structures in history. Manufactured in different types such as cherry, walnut, alder, oak and mahogany are customized to suit the architectural, functional and budget needs. Wooden doors has great appeal through its veins and its natural color, they are robust, practical and can be used as gateways, outdoor, garage and of course inside the home. Without a doubt, wood is a material that provides extremely beautiful environments and spaces in which it also finds its versatility that makes it fit any decorative and architectural style.

Posted on December 19, 2017 Decor Ideas

Solid wood doors never go out of style, it has a very special charm and provides warmth characteristic of his own nature, which makes it easily becomes the center of attention so they remain the favorites to be installed in our homes, in inside and outside. Wood doors are safe and resistant Wood offers many advantages when designing a door colors, designs and types of wood allowing it to fit our needs and budgets, plus they can be made in custom sizes. But if the door is inside, their functions change. Although there are a variety of materials, wooden doors have the property of being safer for its weight, strength and stability, withstanding extreme temperatures without deforming.

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Solid Wood Door EntrySize: 1067 x 1470

Homey Solid Wood DoorSize: 1091 x 1500

Front Solid Wood DoorSize: 1091 x 1500

Custom Solid Wood DoorSize: 1072 x 1500

Solid wood doors are material excellent insulation due to its low thermal conductivity, which allows retain heat in the house, besides being an effective acoustic insulation. A wooden door can have a long life if properly maintained, allowing a recovery or total restoration when you wear. For a wooden door it is important that it is a soft wood, as they are much easier to work with and are durable. In addition, the colors presented by these types of wood are varied, offering greater choice according to where you want to incorporate. Thus, some of the types of wood that meet all of these features are: fir, pine, chestnut and larch.

The type of solid wood doors is not the only thing to keep in mind, care is also important. In that sense, they should be taken into account certain aspects, such as avoiding the accumulation of water that may contribute to wood rot. Regarding the finishing of exterior doors, as recommended are the lasures. The lasur, unlike varnish, penetrates deeply into the wood, open pore. Not being layer allows the wood to breathe and always keep the balance between the humidity of the wood and the environment that surrounds it.

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