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Handrails for stairs – Just as there are different types of stairs to meet particular needs of each household, both with respect to their space needs as its design and aesthetics, also these stairs railings must meet same parameters. Now we have a staircase straight, L, U, with 180 degree turn, spiral, etc. this will require a railing that fits her. Stairs have restricted use, i.e., stairs are in private homes must meet basic standards, under current legislation. Same is true with handrails and railings. Thus, rails must have a height of between 90 and 110 cm and handrail must be separated from wall at least 4 cm. When these minimum, these railings are open to a lot of design possibilities, being located in a private and domestic space. Here we show some different design solutions adopted in domestic railings stairs, just a small sample of huge range of possibilities available to us when solving this element.

Posted on January 16, 2018 Decor Ideas

Railing of a staircase placed on perimeter of this in order to avoid accidents, to improve their own safety ladder. Sometimes, it is necessary also a handrails for stairs or guardrail for stairwell or, ultimately, to close access to it from top floor. On stairs of image, where space of stairs is an area double height, we find this need to protect inhabitants of housing falls from top floor and therefore rail has continued in loft.

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Way to solve these protective elements of ladder admits very different design solutions and use of very different materials. In any case, design of rail, as happened with ladder itself, must be closely related to chosen decor of rest of house. Even among handrails for stairs that meet same style and are made of same material, we can notice lots of nuances of design. For example, metal railing image out with a series of cables, emphasizing verticality and tension of these. And, in this case, rail also has a structural function and what makes it special is its design and feeling of weightlessness causes of stairs.

Also in this staircase bet on a metal handrails for stairs and railing, but with a very different place from, for example, forged railings design.  In this case, in which both stairs and rest of rooms have a modern design and a very modern decor, is committed to a very minimalist staircase. Material chosen for railing is also on this decorative line because it is made of stainless steel, a material low maintenance, high strength and elegance, very suitable for this type of environment.


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