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Wall mounted toothbrush holder – In addition to necessary accessories are the elements that bring the most personal to the decor of your bathroom tap. When several people share the same bathroom one of the problems is usually in the toothbrushes. You have to buy different brand or color so that everyone know what is yours. And if there is clueless people at home is always the risk that one it is wrong. And ends up using the brush is not and although it is not something that will have dramatic consequences not like.

Posted on January 10, 2018 Hardware

Of course next to the sink not usually enough to place several vessels identifies for owners each with its wall mounted toothbrush holder space. So a good idea for large families may be to place these vessels in the wall. Also you just need a support such as photo, in each place a glass place. And in each glass a brush, without touching, without mixing.

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You can place order with a drawing or even with the initial or the name of the owner. So you will avoid be a while before the glass of thinking brushes which was yours at risk of reaching wrong. And if there are children at home several children, more interesting to distinguish undoubtedly the wall mounted toothbrush holder each.

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