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Wing back chair – are a classic form of stuffed armchair with its namesake wings straight overhead, serve as a rest for napping or just relaxing. Just as full-sized wingback chairs give the room a homey, comfortable feeling, they will borrow the same atmosphere to a room in a miniature dollhouse. Create your own wingback chair with basic miniature wood and upholstery methods and give your dolls a furniture so pleasant looking, you’ll wish you could sit in it yourself

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Wing back chair or wing is a type of chair with long, angled pieces protrudes from the sides of the chair of the arms. These pieces give the chair the effect of having wings, hence the name. You can restore a saved or inherited chair honor by simply reupholstering it. You can dress up the chair as long as you have a little time and work carefully. You can adapt these instructions to introduce some special features that your chair

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Wing Back Chair IdeasSize: 2000 x 2000

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How to dress wing back chair? Remove the old fabric from the chair with a staple remover. Try not to demolish the old fabric, which you will use it to reduce the new fabric. Place each piece of old cloth down on new fabric and trace it with seamstress chalk. The new tool should also be downwards. Cut the new fabric with sharp scissors and arrange pieces of the chair so that they are lying when they should be attached.  Press the fabric around the inside of the back and sides and seat. You will be able to see the material that sticks out behind the chair after pressing through.

Staple the fabric wing back chair in place along the top edge behind the chair, then along the bottom edge behind the chair. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric. Attach the cover for arms, wings and seat the same way, pushing it into wedges and stapling in the same places old fabric was attached. Trim any excess fabric. Staple Welt cords along the upper edge of the seat and down both sides. You should try to get written as close to the outer edge as possible without protruding past the chair. Fold the raw edges of the back piece of fabric down so it is purely around. Hot adhesive backing fabric on the back of the chair to cover up the stapled edges of the rest of the chair. Cut a piece of muslin neutral to fit on the underside of the seat to cover the staple edges and fabric. Fold the raw edges. Staple muslin on the bottom of the chair, placing staples every 2 inches or so.

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